Information on ownership and rights to use photographs

We hope you enjoy the photographs and stories on this website. If you are thinking of downloading and using images from this site, it is advisable to get in touch with us first. Some limited use of photographs (for example high school students) is permitted. Those intending on commercial use of images MUST contact us first to negotiate rights and agree fees.

Nick Cobbing is the registered author, creator and copyright owner of all the photographs on this site, under copyright law. All images and text on this website are: Copyright Nick Cobbing 2016.

High school and undergraduate students

School and college students may use a limited amount of images from this site, for supplementing their own personal research, school discussions and assignments, for the purposes of furthering their education. This right does not extend to use in academic publications, lecturing or use in a post-graduate thesis. This right does not extend to archiving or storing of images by the school or college. If in doubt contact the photographer

Personal blogs

If you are sure that you receive no income from your personal blog, you may include two images or screenshots from this site on a personal blog post online. Please DO NOT post entire galleries on your site. If you are unsure whether you qualify, contact us for clarification.

The following is necessary to qualify for this:

  • That you carry no advertising and sell no products
  • That you do not promote products or services for financial reward.
  • You must include a clear link back to this website.
  • You must add some extra value, for example, your own review or comment.

Commercial use

Outside of the above, most other uses will be regarded as commercial, in which case the user will be liable for a fee. Arranged in advance, fees are reasonable and affordable, they are also quick to arrange. Where unauthorised use is later discovered, charges will be enforced under copyright law. If you carry advertising on your website, advertise or promote products or services, you will be regarded as commercial and are advised to heed the terms and conditions outlined here. These terms apply to all images on this website.

If in doubt contact the photographer.